Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Easily Amused

Ok, this is silly, but I drive by this Lutheran church a lot and they have this big sign out front that says "Join Us!" The thing is, the letters are this graduated ombre-type coloring that graduate (bottom to top) from white to medium blue. The bottom of the "J" is just hinted at, and it is white, and the background is white, so the sign looks like it says "loin Us!"

For some reason I crack up every time I see it.


T-Ray said...

Hehe.... I would laugh at that too.

Brent said...

Jamie, this is Brent. Your observation about the sign in front of the Lutheran church is really funny. This is only slightly related but, I have some cousins from northern Utah with the last name Luthy that Brian and I often refer to as the Lutherans to their annoyance. Anyway, do you know which duvet cover Tracy liked from Anthropologie? I'm debating over Valentine gifts. If you don't remember that's ok. My email address is chrbrent@gmail.com. I hope you, Dan, and Asher are doing well.