Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have been to the gym 5 times a week since I signed up, every weekday. However, I don't know if I can go today. I'm crippled. My body feels like it was hit by a truck and it is really hard for me to go up and down stairs. Monday I went to an INSANE yoga class where we were switching positions every two seconds and doing a crazy amount of lunges and yoga push-ups for an hour. I don't think my body was ready for that kind of punishment. I figured on Tuesday I would take it down a notch and go to the Zumba dance class. It wasn't as bad as yoga, but I still can't move certain parts of my body. I'm fairly certain that limIted movement is not the goal of yoga class, so I will be sticking to my "gentle yoga" and "yoga 101" from now on.

Also crippling: I was writing thank you notes and Asher walked in. I tried to hide what I was doing right away, but he obviously saw me because at some point during the afternoon he got away from me, found these envelopes, and did some very important writing of his own. He then stacked them all up so that I didn't know the extent of the damage until I looked through the pile. I was doubled over in laughter.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Before it won't fit anymore

This is not a picture from her blessing day, but this is exactly what she wore.

I thought I would try to capture what she looked like for her blessing before she starts looking too different. I know it has only been a little over a week, but babies grow fast.

The Word of the Day

Yesterday it was "Gingerbread"

I never knew there was a reason to "become a fan" of anything on facebook, but now I know. If you become a fan of Sprinkles they give you a new word every day. If you whisper that word to the workers in the store, they will give you a FREE cupcake. It is a limited edition flavor for that day only, and they make a limited amount- so if you get there too late they may not have any more to give.
The yoga girls and I got there at around 1:00pm (after a DELICIOUS lunch at the Nordstrom cafe, btw. Hail to the tomato basil soup and the bleu cheese & pear salad!) and there were still plenty of free cupcakes for all of us. I would never have known the trick if it wasn't for them. Then again, I usually get things for free when I'm with Amy, but I'll save that for another post. Maybe when we use our free tickets to Mary Poppins at the Gammage...

Anyway, Dan ate half of the cupcake and he swears it gave him diabetes. I ate a smidgen at a time, and I got a toothache with every tiny bite. Those things are good, but sweet.

It is a good thing we don't live very close to a Sprinkles.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last night Dan and I (kinda) celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary (more than a week late) by taking the kids around the corner to a place called Hong Kong Kitchen. It was cheap and good Chinese food, and they serve huge portions. A good find. If you are in the neighborhood you should definitely give it a try.

What we did on our real anniversary was bless our baby girl in church and have a ton of people over after. Wish I had a picture to share.

Weighty Issues

In case you were wondering, the answer is yes.
Yes, it is hard for me to lose weight again after having another baby. In fact, I have gained 8 pounds since the original weight loss of having the baby. I'm not as fat as I was after having Asher, but I don't fit into anything non-stretchy yet. And I don't look good in anything. It is no fun wearing maternity clothes after you are pregnant. Going to the gym Monday through Friday and burning 400 calories a day isn't doing much.

I'm not so good with patience.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3 for 3

I've been a member of Mountainside Fitness for three days, and I have gone in to work out every day so far. I don't really like the whole "New Year's resolution" thing, but I am going to try to work out there at least 4 times a week all year long. They have excellent childcare and so far I'm loving it.

A big shout out to my husband for the gift of a whole year membership to this gym. My body, health, and sanity all thank him profusely.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kissin' Cousins

Asher's cousin Tallia just turned four in December, but she is already a little lady. She insists on wearing a skirt or dress almost every day, and she also insists on lipstick. The darker the better. Yesterday upon leaving our house her mom suggested Tallia give Asher a kiss. This was the result.

Note his cheek.
Too cute.

Friday, January 1, 2010


We are so lucky to be related to the best party throwers on planet Earth. We have been invited over for Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner, and now their New Year's celebration this year. How do they do it?! Stephen and Rachel... the pinnacle of party planning. The dynamic duo. No list of guests too large, no game too messy, no water chestnut without bacon. When I grow up (or get less lazy) I want to throw parties like the S&R Hixons.

This New Years Eve I enjoyed New York Charades, the Dollar Game, the food, and the general festivities. The kids enjoyed the games every hour on the hour. The whole "New Years across America" theme was brilliant.

Here are some random festive shots from Dan's camera.

Asher was dang tired, but stayed up the whole party long.