Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter, etc.

Gwen and Asher became violently ill the day before Easter. We are normally a pretty healthy family, so this was a surprise. I was semi-prepared for the big day. I was hoping to dye eggs on Saturday night. Instead the kids were still sick and I was feeling gross. I'd been cleaning bathrooms and buckets and spots out of the carpet. I was not in the mood to fully prepare, nor did I think that Easter candy was a good idea. I told the kids that the Easter Bunny doesn't visit sick houses until they are better. Asher was sad, but he kept himself from crying. 

So Dan went to church Easter Sunday by himself. After church, two of my book club friends independently stopped by and dropped off some Easter treats for us... it was so thoughtful! Elaine brought some flowers for me (and some secret peeps for the kids). Meghan brought little Easter buckets with toys and treats for each child. What sweet friends I have.

We were all feeling a bit better by the end of the day, so we planned to go to the temple. First Gwen and Asher water colored two hard boiled eggs each- fast and easy. Then we went and read the story of Easter right in the shadow of the Gilbert temple. It felt good.
Ezra by the temple gates. 
When we returned home, the Easter Bunny had come after all! The kids found eggs that had puzzle pieces inside. They put the puzzle pieces together and followed the clue to the pantry where they found their easter baskets. It was belated, but fun. 

Last Friday our church had a Daddy-daughter dance for girls 3-11. It is such a cute thing to do, and Gwen loved it. She of course picked out her own outfit and hairstyle. She has a very strong opinion, but is usually also very sweet. We just love her.  

I spy a matching pink tie. :)
We also had S&R Hixon, the Stecks, and Amy over for dinner on Saturday for "talk and tacos." That is always fun. 

Tuesday night we had Hannah and her fiancĂ© Arthur over for dinner. Dan will be taking their wedding photos soon, and Gwen is their flower girl. I think that is a pretty awesome circle of life, since Hannah was one of our flower girls. 

Asher and I left before dinner was over... he had 1st grade music night at his school. We sat through an interactive presentation where we heard what they were learning. At the end, we all split into groups and performed a simple song together. Asher and I got drums (yay!) but our only job was to beat once every four beats. It was still fun. Asher was so excited the whole time.

P.S. I'm eating paleo style now, which means no refined carbs, sugars, or dairy. It isn't so bad, and I hope I lose weight and eventually get some more energy. This blog makes it seem like we are kinda busy, but we are not. These are literally the only things we are doing.

P.P.S. I finished sewing a baptism dress for Gwen's preschool teacher's daughter. I made it out of Miss Kerri's wedding dress, and it turned out well. I wish I had a picture, but I don't. Maybe if she posts one to Facebook I'll steal it and put it up here. :)  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Festival, Field Trips, and Fun

On the very last weekend of March we visited the Renaissance Festival for the second time ever. 
We started our afternoon with the joust. I thought the kids would dig it, but I think they were really hot so they couldn't appreciate it while it was happening. They seem to like it more in retrospect. Oh well. 
If we were hot, how did those riders feel? And their horses?? 
I tried to feed Ezra in the arena, but that was impossible and he hated it. So we found a nice little spot of dirt around the corner from a show. Dan and the kids watched a fiery sword swallower and went off to buy a fake sword while I was fending off several crazy people with tattoos and brown teeth trying to see the baby under his cover and talk to me about breastfeeding. 

We got in for a total of $10 somehow, so we spent some money on stuff inside the faire. Gwen got a fairy wand, Asher got a painted wooden sword, and they got to go on the man-powered ride below. We also ate food: sausage on a stick, pizza, and a bread bowl. We didn't go for the "turkey legg."

I borrowed a more comfy baby carrier from my friend, and it was great for me, but Ezra did not like it. He does not like to be carried for some reason. So Dan propped him up somehow in the stroller, and he had a fantastic time in there. 

See how much fun he is having? At least my Chunky Monkey is not crying. 
We enjoyed the small petting zoo, we saw part of a falcon show, the kids played at the playground, and we saw a contact juggler (he has one ball and it rarely leaves contact with his body). I learned how to do that in college along with everyone else in the BFA so it wasn't earth-shaking... but he was pretty good. Last but not least as we were leaving the festival we saw Twig the Fairy. She is basically the Disney Princess of the Ren Fest. She gave our kids special rocks and played Gwen a little tune on her crazy flute thing.

Dan thought this sign was hilarious. 

Last week Gwen had another field trip... this time to the grocery store! I thought it was a funny thing to do since she's been to that grocery store many, many times with me. But we had a guide and the kids lined up and marched through the store. They got to tour through the back and feel how cold the freezer and refrigerator sections were. They got to have small snacks in all the sections and some of them were chosen to be leaders of fruits, veggies, etc. Gwen got to be the leader of dairy. She had a little laminated card necklace and everything. At the end, they pretended to buy something and check it out. Gwen chose a Red Bull. Ha. They got some goody bags as well, and Gwen just couldn't stop talking about hers. She is such a cute wanna-be grown up. 

Dan and I saw Copperstar's production of Oliver at the Mesa Arts Center last weekend. We were invited as VIP guests for the opening. It was a good show and I really enjoyed it. It was also fun to see so many people with whom I have worked in the past. 
Last but not least, my Mom flew in on Friday, and we attended another performance at the Mesa Arts Center Saturday night. 
We don't know why, but the trees at the MAC were wearing sweaters.
I knew she would love it because she is a fan of Glenn Beck, and also because I know she loves good music. The EVMCO did a presentation of patriotic and religious songs- narrated by Mr. Beck. The first song they did was "How Great Thou Art" and it brought down the house. The choir and orchestra is made up of over 1300 volunteers of all ages, and they were all out singing. The children appeared in the balcony and the youth were surrounding the audience, it was amazing. I know quite a few people in the choir and orchestra, so that was really fun for me as well. Apparently the whole show will be available on iTunes, but I'm glad we saw it live. I have never been to a show where there were 5 standing ovations. 
P.S. All of them were completely deserved.