Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 3-4

Ok, I'm getting unhealthy now.

Instead of drinking the juice that has become so boring to me, I'd just as soon not eat or drink anything. And I'm still fine and not hungry. So I guess this makes me anorexic. Well maybe it's not that drastic, because I cheated and ate a small bowl of veggie soup today. It was like one of my crazy nightmares coming true. I felt justified because I didn't have much energy, and I was kinda crabby. In fact, I still am. And I'm not getting anything done that is on my "to do" list. (I guess I should insert the phrase "What's new?" here.)

In conclusion, it is still easy for me to be without food, but I don't think I will make it 10 days. I don't think I should. But I do want to "cleanse" until I have lost 9 pounds or so. So far I've lost about 7.

One more thing. I never really believed in this program as far as its strict rules and cleansing powers. I pretty much just wanted to use it to change my habits and to jump start my weight loss efforts. So be kind in your judgement of me and my choices, please. I know how this all sounds.


Lynette Mills said...

Don't be hard on yourself are an amazing person whether you starve yourself or not.

T-Ray said...

Don't starve yourself. You have to just keep drinking... that is the only way you can make it through... even if the drink becomes boring and gross. If I made it through... you can do it. I have zero self control.

Cheryl said...

Wait, Tracy did this too? I feel way out of the loop! hehe.

Really though Jaime, I'm glad that you are seeing the good AND bad side of this. It's definitely not good to not be hungry.

Good luck with your last couple of pounds and your journey post cleansing. :)

Ambrosia Girl Jenn said...

Way to go on making it through the second day (supposedly the hardest?).