Thursday, January 15, 2009

'08 Movie Report

Let's be real here: I had a day off today, and it should have been awesome, but it wasn't that great. I'm not saying it was terrible, but it just wasn't that great. Since my throat hurts and my leg muscle is killing me, I'm going to sit in bed with a cup of hot coco and write a little Netflix review for last year. Apparently we saw a lot of movies. Because this list is long, most movies will get three words or less, unless they are worth more. Here goes:

Bend it Like Beckham: Odd, two stars.
Surf's Up: Fun, surprisingly enjoyable.
Seinfeld: Great funny classics.
Corpse Bride: Worse than Nightmare.
Dr. Strangelove: Too strange.
Planet Earth: Amazing; impressive.
Jane Austin Book Club: Good acting, plot...?
Bourne Ultimatum: Part of our favorite action movie trilogy.
Rescue Dawn: I was afraid to see this because it was a war movie, but I loved it. The dedication the actors had was amazing, and it wasn't very violent. It is an amazing true story, and I highly recommend it.
Everything is Illuminated: Intriguing and unlike anything I've seen before. I liked it, and I recommend it.
The Notebook: Worst. Movie. Ever.
2001: A Space Odyssey: Impressive space special effects, but I didn't get the point.
Shrek the Third: Fine.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: LOVE this one.
August Rush: I happened to love this.
Chicken Little: Fine.
Dan in Real Life: Fine.
Newsies: Great music/choreography! Also, I loved seeing Christian Bale sing and dance. The same cannot be said for Bill Pullman.
Amazing Grace: Inspiring. Loved it.
Bee Movie: All funny lines were in the preview. Never-ending B movie.
Roving Mars: Did I even see this?
Juno: Very well done, good theme (well, better than abortion) but kinda disturbing. We liked it, but almost wished we hadn't seen it. Good music, though.
Coach Carter: Remember the Titans?
The Lake House: Very lame.
Nacho Libre: Funnier in the theater, but still good.
Blades of Glory: Silly.
National Treasure: Book of Secrets: Fun, not as good as the first.
The Nanny Diaries: This was one of the surprise hits to me. I loved this movie. It said something that people need to hear, and it was very well done.
The Great Debaters: Inspiring, well done.
Brian Regan: Standing Up: Funny.
Seven Years in Tibet: Really good. Recommended.
P.S. I Love You: Main girl bugged me. Sad story.
The Italian Job (original): Long and impossible car chases.
The Fountain: So freakin' strange.
Oklahoma! (stage version with Hugh Jackman): It is funny to see the English talk in a cowboy accent. Hugh Jackman can sing! He was amazing.
Marie Antoinette: We liked this because it was different. I could have done without the scantily clad scenes, but the costumes were AMAZING and it told an old story from a fresh perspective.
The Italian Job (newer): Still good.
Project Runway (season 1): Addictive.
Chain Reaction: Laughable. Lame.
Good Night and Good Luck: Different, we enjoyed it.
Reds: Interesting and Informative.
Jumper: Lame story/acting, cool effects.
Fun with Dick and Jane (older): Weird.
The Crucible: Daniel Day-Lewis (actor) and Arthur Miller (playwright) are both amazing.
Next: I've thought about this movie a lot, so it must have been good.
Bullitt: Good old school.
Dick Tracy: Good music, kinda fun.
We Are Marshall: Touching.
No Reservations (newer): Typical romantic comedy.
The Sentinel: Hardly remember it.
Whale Rider: This movie is worth the watch just for this awesome scene where the lead actress, a little girl, does an AMAZING job acting. She is crying on a stage, and it is just so real and heart wrenching. I also liked this movie because it's not your typical Hollywood fare.
Mythbusters, collection 3 disc 1: We didn't finish.
Hitch: Fine.
Edward Scissorhands: I like Tim Burton.
30 Rock, season 1: Great show.
American Graffiti: Fun classic. I was thinking of my Dad almost the whole movie.
I am David: Inspiring. Recommended.
Broadway: The Golden Age: Fine.
Shattered Glass: Sad real story. Lead can't act.
Grand Theft Auto: Ron Howard... non-classic.
Project Runway: season 2: Guilty pleasure, clothes!
Shine: Sad.
13 Going on 30: Fun fluff. Whatever.
Pay it Forward: Depressing.
Get Smart: Surprisingly good.
Be Kind, Rewind: "Feel good." Approved.
WALL-E: Inventive, disturbing, enjoyable.
The Spiderwick Chronicles: Predictable. Bad script.
Ocean's Thirteen: Favorite "Ocean's"... guilty pleasure.
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed: Interesting; thought provoking.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Fun! Harrison's good.
Clear and Present Danger: Entertaining. Harrison's good.
Kung-Fu Panda: Surprisingly wonderful.
The Simpsons Movie: Not worth it.
Mean Girls: Very 30 Rock. Surprisingly good.
The Pirates of Penzance (1980 stage show): Kevin Kline rocks!

There you have it... about 300 hours of my life.


Lynette Mills said...

I guess I can use this as a guide to add movies to my own netflix. Although, the ones you really liked I have mostly seen...and really liked myself. I guess that means they are worth renting again.

T-Ray said...

I don't know if I agree with all of your reviews... but for the most part yes. Some I still have not seen, but for the most part I have seen most of those. Isn't it amazing how much of our lives are spent being entertained by movies and tv?

Sara said...

huge fan of project runway!

Rachel said...

I loved 'The Notebook'.

That might be the only movie I've watched on the list though so that tells you I don't have too much to compare it to.

jamie hixon said...

I liked the book, but the movie made me root for the rich fiance! The main characters had such an unhealthy relationship, and the screenwriting was terrible. Plus there were a few scenes that were a little too scandalous for me.

Dan said...

Let the record show I did not see several of these, but I did watch roving mars without you.