Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Circle of Life

Hannah was our flower girl. 
It doesn't seem possible, but she is a bride now. 
And she chose Gwen as her flower girl. 
Cue the Lion King music. 

On May 24th, Hannah Hixon married Arthur Adams in the Gilbert temple. It was a beautiful wedding. The best part was when the parents gave their congratulations to the couple. Hannah's dad just hugged her and sobbed. We weren't sure he was going to let her go. Then he did, and he was smiling. 

It must be strange to be under 40 and marrying off a child. Stephen and Rachel are very young for this milestone. But Arthur is a good guy. And Hannah is the best. So it's a happy kind of strangeness.

Dan was their photographer, and he got some great pictures. It was really hard for me to choose which shots to include on this post. 

I love the casual and fun bridesmaid outfits.
 The reception was the best I had ever seen. Seriously. It was totally Pinterest worthy. 
The colors were black and white and gold, and they had it in the most beautiful back yard. Stephen and Rachel built and painted the checkered dance floor, because they are awesome. (I know who is helping me when Gwen gets married!) 

The receiving line was in front of this amazing gold framed chalkboard. One of their friends just happens to be a graphic designer and created a wedding logo for them. It is his chalk work you see on the picture above and the Ice Cream booth below.

I can't post pictures of every detail, but it was so gorgeous! There were custom made tablecloths and runners, lights and lanterns strung through the trees, blown up engagement and bridal pictures in quirky frames, and an adorable cake table. The music was fantastic. The bride and groom zip-lined to the dance floor to do their choreographed first dance. (She changed into a different white dress for that.) When it was time for their send-off, they rode a gold tandem bicycle through a gauntlet of sparkler-holding guests. 

It was magical. 

Congrats to Hannah and Arthur. May your marriage be as beautiful as your party.   ;)