Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Make the Switch

Tonight we went to the AT&T store to become AT&T cell costumers slightly before our Verison contract ends. My husband's phone is stuck in "car mode" or something so he can't accept phone calls or get his messages. He also just really wants an iphone.

An hour after stepping foot in the store (with our young, tired, restless child I might add) we walked out with new phone numbers and new phones (and new levels of physical tiredness I did not know I could achieve). I did not get an iphone because I don't care what I use to make and receive phone calls as long as it works. Dan is a happy man. He will probably be playing with his new toy for a few hours. 

Side note: We had a very friendly guy by the name of Andrew helping us out tonight. He has a French girlfriend, a one bedroom apartment where he cannot receive mail and a 3 month old son named Elliot. Anyone want to stalk him? He's almost begging for it giving out that much personal information.

Another side note: I saw a guy in the store that used to like me in High School. I think his name was Eric, I don't remember how I got to know him, he was a year younger than me, we never had a class together and he was in the ROTC. He used to give me very long and posessive hugs in the hallways and I had a slight inkling that he may have been lightly stalking me back in the day. Thankfully he was with his girlfriend and although he kept looking at me (and my son and my husband) he never said anything to me. I was kind of uncomfortable, since we were both in the same small store for an HOUR. 

Last side note, I promise: WHY is it a law of the universe that whenever you see someone that you used to know but haven't seen in a long time you are either a) not wearing makeup, b)shabbily dressed, c)unshowered, d)looking fat or e)all of the above? I looked better earlier today, I swear.

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