Thursday, September 25, 2008

Asher's song

I few months back I wrote a song for Asher. I didn't think very hard about it, it just waltzed into my head. (Literally... it is in 3/4 time.) It is a little lullaby, and it can't be his song forever, but I enjoy singing it to him for now. I just put him to bed with it, and he smiled himself to sleep. Ahhh, these are the moments.

I'm a little shy about this because I write songs all the time, some of which I like a lot, and I don't want the way I feel about my songs to be tainted by people's opinions. Luckily, this blog has about three readers and I think I can handle the heat from them. I wish I could put the music on the blog too, because it really isn't great poetry. The melody kind of saves it. Anyway, here goes. 

Kisses on Kisses
Kisses on kisses on kisses 
If I could have all of my wishes 
With that light in your eyes  
Could it be a surprise 
I want kisses on kisses on kisses  

I'll love you forever and ever 
Each moment together is treasure 
You love me I love you 
What else is there to do 
But give kisses on kisses forever  

Your lips are perfect 
So please don't refuse 'em 
If you let me  
I'll show you how to use 'em with  

Kisses on kisses on kisses 
How naturally beautiful this is 
When you laugh, when you smile 
It makes me want to pile on the  
Kisses on kisses on kisses on kisses on kisses on kisses on kisses


T-Ray said...

Cute! I love it! I wish I could hear the music that went with it. I wish lyrics came to me as easily.

jamiehixon said...

They don't when I try. Trust me.

Sara said...

that is truly precious!

Kristy said...

I like it. Isn't it amazing how many kisses they get in that first year of life. When they start talking however my kisses taper off quite a lot. :)

Brian said...

Love it! 3/4 time means nothing to me though... I need a tune.


Larry said...

I want you to sing it to me...the lyrics are perfect though...he is one kissable little boy! This is Grandma not Grandpa.