Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Busy Bee" or "Exercise by Association"

Asher has ADD. Ok probably not, but he sure is becoming more active. This kid is always moving, always getting into something, and always wanting to run somewhere. He usually finds exactly what I don't want him to find, and then he tries to somehow stick it in his mouth.

When he cannot reach what he wants he will come up to me and hug my knees with all his might. This means that he wants me to pick him up. Once I have him in my arms he will point to what he wants or to which direction he would like to go. My back hurts.

I realize that I do not need to pick him up. I could let him throw a tantrum. I could let him be really frustrated all the time, but I don't want to. I love that he is finding out how to communicate things to me (finally!) and I don't mind most of the time. When I do mind, I let him stomp around and cry it out. That is pretty cute too. For me, it's a win-win situation. 

Side note: When I need Asher to stop moving for a second, I either a) pop in a DVD like Charlie and Lola or The Little Rascals, b) give him a bottle and hold him, or c) put him in his chair and feed his face. These things momentarily stun him and I can accomplish things like clipping his nails. 


Amy Foote said...

I love when your baby can actually communicate!!! JOYs of motherhood!

Lynette Mills said...

It was so cute when Asher finally discovered us tonight at stake conference. After he saw us it was fun to see just what he was going to do about it. Ha...he is so cute.