Thursday, February 9, 2012


Saturday was co-op day. And even though we didn't have enough participants this time to require two drivers, I went down to the warehouse anyway. My friend Stephanie wanted to go, so that is just what we did. She says that next Saturday she is taking me to an awesome farmer's market. I can't wait!

The next 3 pics are actually from a month ago, but it is the same experience. In the front area of the warehouse there are two windows where you do business and pay your bill. Lining this area are a bunch of single products. You normally have to pay for everything by the flat or crate or whatever... but these products are sold separately. They also have things like jars of honey and olive oil, and sometimes bread and tortillas. The leaders of our co-op never get these extra treats for the masses, but they can do a little extra grocery shopping for themselves while they are here.
And they normally do.

The prices and availability on everything changes from week to week. This week there were boxes labeled "tropical pack" that contained 2 mangos, a coconut, 4 oranges, a pack of mint, a plantain, four limes, and a pineapple... all for 8 bucks.

Above is a picture of where the trucks get loaded up. That is our pallet in the foreground, but it just gets taken down the ramp to our car(s) and loaded on by the helpful and ever-changing staff.

These are the filled baskets. $17 buys you a different pack of produce every 2 weeks.
This week, I mentioned that I was with Stephanie... and we were driving around what were apparently her old stomping grounds. She used to work at SkyMall; you know, the magazine you leaf through while you are flying in every plane to any destination? Well, come to find out they are based in Phoenix in a very sketchy neighborhood, right around the corner from our warehouse. And since she worked there, she happens to know all about the local cuisine.
Stephanie suggested we stop by Carolinas for some Machaca burritos. The place is pretty run down. (That is how you know your food will be excellent.)

Here is Steph holding her horchata. I had some too. It tasted like there were red hots inside. In a good way. And the burritos were drippy and so yummy.

The burritos made us slightly late for the food pick-up. Oops. But I didn't feel bad. We had too much fun for that. Sigh. I'll miss you Stephanie when you MOVE to the CARIBBEAN.


T-Ray said...

Sounds like a good time... and a good deal... AND I LOVE Hortchata's... or however you spell them. A lot!

Rachel said...

Carolina's is Stephen's favorite place. He tells me he is going to marry one of Carolina's daughters when I die.

I love co-ops. I used to do one like this but I never went to the warehouse. That is awesome.

Lori said...

Pretty awesome Jamie! I need to find a way to get involved in something like this... my grocery bill every month is OUT OF CONTROL!