Monday, February 13, 2012

My Funny Valentines

The following is an excerpt from a conversation Asher and I had in the car two days ago on the way back from the gym:
Me: It is a very nice day today, isn't it?
Asher: Yeah. But I wish I was up in the clouds.
Me: Why? What would you do up in the clouds?
Asher: Well... I would walk. And jump. And I would get a stick and play with the clouds. There are a LOT of things I could do in the clouds, Mom.
Me: I suppose so. What do you think the clouds feel like?
Asher: Um...puffy! And also squishy....

I love this boy who wishes he could play in the clouds. This boy who opens his mouth to taste the wind, and says it "tastes of cold." This boy who runs up and hugs me, and simply says the word "Love!" when I hug him back. This boy who says "elf-cuts" when he can't think of the word "dwarves" and "Chubby Archer Baby" when he can't remember Cupid's name.

He makes me smile every day. Every day.

And then there is this girl. This girl who puts her hands on her hips and strikes poses. This girl who needs to approve of every outfit and pair of pajamas that go on her body. This girl who needs to wear a "dancer" almost every day. This girl who is obsessed with Kipper the dog. (Her brother quotes full episodes in British accents.) This girl who tells me her baby dolls are crying, then proceeds to rock them and sing "Baby Mine, don't you cry." This girl who dances and sings and asks for cheese and berries and to go to the park.

I also have a fantastic husband who made us heart shaped pancakes in the morning and then went out to get us Panda Express on V-day so that I didn't have to worry about dinner. It was a busy day full of preschool and piano/voice lessons and life. But one thing remains, I love my family. Every day.


Brian & Monica said...

Cute kids. Gwen is such a beautiful girl, a little doll :)

Tracy said...

What a great family indeed. I love you and your kids a lot. I bet Asher grows up to be as creative as you and Gwen grows up to be as talented as you.

Lynette Mills said...

Love my kids ..... Thanks for posting stuff

Lori said...

You sure have cute kids Jamie. What a beautiful family you have created! Love you

Kristy said...

I've decided that my sisters are all sweeter than I am. That was a lovely post.