Friday, February 24, 2012

Play Time

There were bad guys in a hotel, so the police obtained a package. The package was filled with guns, to help them protect the people. The ice cream shop got a similar package, but their package was star-shaped and contained swords. They needed to defend the ice-cream.

This is "Red Fire Grouchy." He was pretending to be good, but he was really a mischief maker. He kept flying around and knocking things over. And he kept calling me "Jamie."

A metal tub of mud was placed in front of the hotel to stop the villains. When that no longer worked, Yoda was brought in to use the force.

His back-up was a small dinosaur.

Are you ready to see what the bad guys looked like? Get ready to look into the face of pure evil. Or not. The choice is yours. (This is a shot of a bad guy getting stuck in the mud pit.)

After the threat was neutralized, Asher ran a race. You know, with his fingers. He declared himself the winner, and this cake was his prize. (That is Gwen's hand in the shot.)
I probably don't play with him as much as I should, but when I take the time to watch him, he amazes me. His imagination is awesome. He can take the first seven things he sees off the top of his toy box and create a world. And he wants me to live in that world with him. And that makes me so happy, even if he does call me "Jamie" when we are there.


Dan Hixon said...

This one almost made me cry, it probably will someday. Thanks for writing it down.

Lori said...

Good job catching the fun play & imagination of a 5 year old :)So fun to watch them play & play with them too.

Lynette Mills said...

Rugs and toys are great but it takes the imagination of Asher to make them come to life! Fun post mommy!

Rachel said...

love this post.

Tara Diaz Nelson said...

I luv every story that you post about your children. There will be a day when Asher Hixon is a published Author. Thank you for always sharing.

Kristy said...

He does have quite an imagination!

Tracy said...

Ha ha ha! That is SO funny! What an imagination that boy has. I love it and I love that you took pictures of everything to help tell the story to all of us. These will be so great to read back on one day with Asher.