Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fake MLK Jr Day

Dan works at a startup company. They had a pressing deadline, so Dan had to work on Martin Luther King Day. But they said they would make it up to him. He would get the next Monday off.

So, this past Monday we packed a picnic. The kids "helped" me put the sandwiches and apples and chips and water into a big basket. Asher was very excited.
The day was overcast, my favorite. We drove over to Discovery Park.

We spread out a blanket in the middle of a huge field of yellowing grass. We were practically the only people there. Asher passed out the food like the baggies were Christmas gifts. We ate, and then walked over to a little hill. Dan had thrown some cardboard in the back of the car, so the kids would have make-shift sleds. They both had the time of their lives sliding down the hill, until a security guard drove over in a little cart and kindly informed us that our fun times were against the rules. Ah, well.
After that, we went over to the duck pond. We had a few crumbs to throw into the water. Gwen couldn't throw far, but she sure wanted to try. These ducks weren't as trusting as, say, the ducks at Los Carneros Lake in Goleta... but there were some brave ones that came close enough for a snack. We left when Asher started complaining about the smell. For some reason there were dead fish everywhere.

Today is Saturday. To digress from this story, but say something pertinent about "the now" as Edna from The Incredibles calls it, I participated for the second time in our neighborhood co-op. I paid my $17 and got a box filled with fresh kiwi, pineapple, apples, clementines, red potatoes, broccoli, blueberries, strawberries, lettuce, asparagus, tomatoes, carrots, and green beans. Last time I drove with the leaders of the group down to the warehouse. It was really interesting and fun. This week there weren't as many participants, so they didn't need me. I just got to show up at the park and pick up my box. I guess that was good for today, because I am sick and so are Gwen and Dan, but hopefully next time I can drive because that means I get my box for free.


Kristy said...

Such great pictures Jamie. Wish I could be married to a photographer. :)

T-Ray said...

I love the pictures and I love that you guys went on a family picnic!

Lori said...

Love the picnic outing and the pictures that came from it! And, the co-op sounds SUPER awesome!

Tara Diaz Nelson said...

You have the most adorable family.