Monday, February 22, 2010

Update on the Kiddos

Gwen is 3 months old. She sleeps pretty well unless she is having a growth spurt. When she poops, it is an explosion and it stains whatever she is wearing. Even my most trusted stain remover (and bleach if the clothes were white) CANNOT remove her stains. She is amazing.

Also, she can still fit into some of her "newborn" clothes as witnessed by this cute red dress she wore to church yesterday. (Thanks, Aunt Tracy!)

Asher is totally funny and totally two. He rambles a lot and "reads" to himself ("Brown bear, brown bear... what you doin' here!?") He likes to jump around and explore. He also sometimes likes to be in charge. ("Mom, put the baby down. I 'ant some juice!") He can be sneaky with stating "I 'ant to show you somesing" and then leading you to the fruit snacks, and if that doesn't work, giving you a hug and a kiss and "asking" again. He likes to sing and knows many of the words to primary songs as well as some musical theater classics. He loves to play, and is a very happy kid. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be any closer to potty training, but I can handle that. I'm just happy that he started eating fruits and veggies again.

I bought Asher a new shirt. It might seem narcissistic of me (ha!), but Asher actually thinks the names "Mom" and "Dad" are interchangeable.


T-Ray said...

So glad she still fits into that cute dress! They are so cute! I can't wait to see them again. SOON!!!

rachel v. said...

your kiddos are sooo cute

PrincessDipti said...

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