Monday, February 15, 2010


My sister-in-law Amy is very magical. She seams to obtain everything at a discounted price... except when she gets stuff for free.

One of the major advantages of living in Arizona is that I get to hang out with Amy more often. I already blogged about getting free cupcakes with her, now it is time to catalog another freebee. One day she walked into our gym, and the guy that signed us up flagged her right down and offered her 2 free tickets to the opening night of Mary Poppins at the Gammage. She decided to take me.

The show was great. I liked Bert and the kids best. (Dan and I saw the same Bert in New York three years ago. He originated the role in London.) The only complaint Amy and I had was the statues. They needed bigger fig leaves. This is a family show after all.

Amy is lucky in other ways. We got to the theater way late and ran right in. We weren't sure they were still holding our tickets, and we were positive that the show had already started... but we walked right in with no line, received our tickets in 30 seconds, and made it to our seats right before the music started.

Amy is also really fun. afterward we got lost trying to find our parking structure. Although we felt like we could be mugged at any time, we were giggling. While driving we listened to old school Alanis Morrisett and Evita and laughed at the words and Antonio's accent. We also saw a store that said "Drive thru liquor" in neon. Drinking and driving... hmm.

Anyway, it's a jolly holiday with Amy.
No wonder that it's Amy that we love!


Lynette Mills said...

You are lucky Jamie... for many reasons. And I'm lucky to be your mom.

T-Ray said...

Oh how I love Marry Poppins. How fun that you got to see it again and with your great sister in law. She is not even my sister in law and I totally agree with you. I think she is awesome.

Amy Foote said...

I think it was a jolly holiday with you Jamie!! Thanks for being my date!!