Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weird Stuff

First on the Agenda: It is free slurpee day at 7-11. Hope you take advantage of this wonderful marketing ploy. Dan sure did.

Onward. Yesterday while I was at Walmart looking at but not buying cheap movies, a large pasty man wearing a bluetooth headset approached me. He asked me if I knew anyone who was looking for a full or part-time job. I told him I did not. He asked if I was sure. I clarified that my husband had a job and that I didn't want one. He asked what my husband did. I told him. He asked what I did. I told him. I politely reminded him that I wasn't interested and went on over to the food section. At some point I saw him talking to some other young girl.

This man never even told me what his company did. Granted I didn't ask, but I think this is highly suspect. I mean, there were no qualifications, he was just supposedly giving out jobs to people who didn't have them. I'm guessing it was either telemarketing or white slavery. Hey, it happened in Thoroughly Modern Millie.


T-Ray said...

Some people are so weird. If there were no qualifications... he should have been giving jobs to homeless people on the street.
P.S. I had no idea it was free slurpy day.... otherwise I would have taken advantage of it.

Michael Costa said...

Loved your movie picks, we were in S.B. yesterday for Shawn's farewell & missed you guys!