Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The last few days

Asher is back to smiling himself to sleep. Phew! I am grateful for his sleep schedule and good attitude. He has always been a good sleeper.

So, I had a birthday last week. I wouldn't mention it except I don't want you to think I was neglected. On Thursday morning Dan made me pancakes and my AZ sisters took me out for brunch. I was very full around lunch time, and I felt loved.

Dan also took me out to dinner at Pastis, a yummy European deli that serves food you would swear they stole from a very high-priced restaurant. Our appetizers were some sort of fish(right), but they were the best part of the meal. I hate fish, but I loved this. I also had crepes. To die for.

Dan was cute because he gave me a few gifts wound up in a ton of ribbon. He told me he couldn't find the tape. He also prefaced every gift with "This is a lame one..." followed by the reason why he thought it was a dumb present. I thought all my gifts were very nice and sweet. (Sun shields for the car, phone chargers, DVDs of Pride & Prejudice, Pushing Daisies, Harry Potter 1-5, and he tried to order me a vanity.) I had a great birthday.

On Saturday our car went caput while we were running errands. Dan's brother helped us, gave us the name of the BEST mechanic (we already like him better than anyone in SB) and ended up towing us there. Thanks for 3+ hours out of your Saturday, Stephen! And thanks Stecks for the use of your car in the mean time.

Yesterday I got my hair cut and colored at a girl's house that my sis-in-law Amy set me up with. Tiffany was great, fast, and at least $30 cheaper than anyone in SB. She has a room right in her house set up for her hair appointments. She even washed my hair in one of those tubs. Her kids played cars with Asher while I was there. What a dream!! Thanks, Amy!
Also on Tuesday: We got to go to the most beautiful building in Mesa. It was an awesome experience. (Thanks Rachel, Stephen and Lauren for watching Ash!)


Lynette Mills said...

Wow...a picture of Asher, food and the temple. Those are some of my favorite things. Wonderful post! I'm so happy you had a nice birthday, especially since I couldn't be there to help celebrate. I will see you very soon however....I'm so excited.

T-Ray said...

Glad you had a great birthday. Looks like AZ is treating you well. I'm glad. Can't wait to come visit you. Whenever that ends up being.

Amy Foote said...

so good!