Thursday, July 16, 2009


Here are some highlights from Bear Lake:

Asher's adoring fans (and built in entertainment and babysitters) made this a true vacation.

Going to some caves a few miles from our lodge. (I had never been in a cave. They had me sing in one of the big rooms. Good acoustics.)

Watching my child look like the "Star Wars Kid" of YouTube fame with an oar.

Other highlights without pictures:
-Going to the Logan Temple with a few other Hixons.
-Shopping in quaint craft shops and getting shaved ice with Amy. (SOOO tasty.)
-Having a fun 4th watching about 1/2 of our fireworks before they were confiscated by the fire marshal.
-Jeopardy a la David.
-Seeing a few deer in the backyard.
-Going on a boat with Dan driving and Asher clinging to me until he fell asleep.
-Being with all 57 other Hixons. No Empty Chairs.


Lynette Mills said...

Love that lying down picture...what a cute idea. I miss Asher so much I can hardly stand it.

T-Ray said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the pictures!

jamie hixon said...

Mom, we'll visit soon.
Those craft shops totally reminded me of you. You would love Bear Lake.

Larry said...

Jamie ... you can change your profile now to reflect your new city of domicility.