Friday, July 24, 2009


My awesome sister-in-law Amy told me about a GREAT store here in Gilbert.

Yesterday I dropped in while running errands. Here is my report:
The service at FoodWise is friendly and informative. The store is owned by an LDS family that specializes in the best food storage products I have ever seen. Their containers are revolutionary and their food is delicious and nutritious. They will let you try any product before you buy. They give free cooking classes on Tuesday and free bread making classes on Saturday. They even gave me a small loaf of homemade bread to sell me on the free class (and it was good). The powdered milk I tried was the BEST powdered milk I have ever had BY FAR. I would drink it on a daily basis, and I hate powered milk. Seriously. (I bought the powdered chocolate milk... ohhhh it was good! I'm using it for hot chocolate.) The prices are great, and they have everything from spices to solar ovens. Their food lasts forever... even after you open the containers and use some. If you are looking for a great rotating food supply, look no further. If you live outside of Gilbert, you better pray they deliver.

Oh one last thing. The guy asked me if I was from California. I replied in the affirmative. He told me he could tell because of my accent. There's something I don't hear everyday.


Rachel said...

I love Food Wise! Best powdered milk ever.

Lynette Mills said...

Your accent! No way. I'll have to visit this store while I am there...yes?

Logan said...

Next time you go you should use one of your many theatre accents...see if he can guess it right.

jamie hixon said...

Logan: he tried to do Scottish for me.

Mom: yes. I will take you here. It is amazing.

Kristy said...

I used to have people tell me that all the time (about my accent). Is the powdered milk morning moos? That is the best I've ever tasted.