Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slightly Homeless

We thought we would be moving into our new house on Monday. We were wrong.

At least they let us move our stuff into the garage. I hope our stuff hasn't turned into lava or anything. It is pretty hot here.

Apparently the "powers that be" will be letting us know today when we can move into the house. We are hoping the date is set for tomorrow or Friday. In the mean time we are staying with Stephen and Rachel Hixon. They are wonderful hosts.

Might I just add that none of this is our fault. There was a ton of miscommunication between the Title Company, the Lender, our Realtor, etc. We should have been informed of the possibility of our current situation much earlier than we were. But what's Real Estate without a little drama?

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T-Ray said...

Good luck! I will be keeping you guys in my prayers that you can move in SOON! My friend just went through this. It is so hard when things don't work out as planned.