Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Price of Honesty

A few months ago, I bought some seed packets from OSH for an Enrichment Night Activity. They were much more expensive than I thought they would be. I was expecting about 50 cents a packet, but it was more like $1.89. That adds up. I got 40 assorted seed packets... or so I thought. I counted them later and it turns out I had five extras, but I only paid for 40.
Now this was a church activity. I knew I would go back to OSH and pay for the extra five, and/or return any that were left over. It wasn't the decision that was difficult, it was remembering to do it and fitting it into my schedule. Months passed by.
I finally took Asher to OSH yesterday while we were running errands in the neighborhood. I explained the problem to the clerk, and with a shocked look on her face she told me what to do. I went and got a $1.89 seed packet, rung it up five times, paid nearly $10 for it, and took nothing home.
Too bad Asher isn't old enough to learn anything from this. (Maybe that is a good thing... I don't want him to procrastinate like I do!)


Rachel said...

good for you. I would have probably forgot.

Amanda said...

Luckily Asher can read about it on your blog one day. =-D

Next time, go to Kmart. Their seeds are always on sale. Also, the drug stores have like 5/$1 seeds.

I can't believe I missed that activity. I bet it was fun.

David said...

a clear conscience for ten bucks? that's a steal!

Lynette Mills said...

They wouldn't take them back? Or maybe you didn't ask. Good for you Jamie. I love hearing about people with integrity. Especially when it's one of my own kids :o)

jamie hixon said...

I didn't have any left over.