Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Asher and I paid a visit to my friend Jennifer and her 9-month-old baby Cielle this morning, and Asher had a dreadful first. Asher BIT the baby! He bit her!! I was shocked and appalled. He has never bitten anyone (besides me) before, and he is usually quite gentle with babies. For some reason today he was acting weirded-out and scared by cute little Cielle. He left marks! I hope this is the one and only episode we ever have with Asher biting anyone. If this happens again, I am buying a muzzle because my child will NOT be a biter.


Lynette Mills said...

oh...I bet you were mortified! I remember one of my kids getting bit, but I don't remember any of you biting anyone else. I don't know why kids decide they can do this...but I hear that biting them back when they do it can cure it sometimes.

T-Ray said...

Oh No!!! Sweet innocent little Asher can't be a biter... I don't think he will be... I have faith in him.

Amy Foote said...

Averey had to bite soap after a while...it was the only thing that stopped her.
When we went to play areas I was tempted to put a warning shirt on her.

"Caution: This animal bites!"

Larry said...

I think soap works!