Monday, February 2, 2009


I missed out on a lot of things while we were away in Utah. I missed three days of rehearsal, a cast "getting to know you" ice cream party, I missed the final days of my cleanse, an opportunity to be in a commercial (so sad about this one), feeding the missionaries (oops), going to a leadership conference for Relief Society with Sister Beck -General RS President- actually speaking in Santa Barbara, the last opportunity to see my friend Jackie before she was gone for good... the list goes on. I felt like everything was happening at once.

Still, I feel great about going to Utah because I gained more than I lost. I was able to hang out with my Utah sisters, eat dinner at a fun and delicious Mexican restaurant called Guadalahonkeys (ha!) with Chad, Clara, Tracy, and Brent, get my hair cut and colored for super cheap, shop at two malls (once with Kristy- super fun), see a marvelous BYU production of Thoroughly Modern Millie with my brother-in-law Jeff, watch Jeff play hockey, go to Jon and Lisa's wedding lunch and beautiful reception, reconnect with the Williams' family and other Santa Barbara-Utah friends, see the Adairs and get the original Pride & Prejudice recording from the play I wrote/directed, and stay with my generous Uncle Dale and Aunt Teresa in their beautiful home. Dan worked on with Ron and shot guns. He also saw Elder Scott in the temple (he sealed Jon and Lisa). Asher got a nasty cold/cough, but he also got to play with his cousins and watch WALL-E so he was pretty happy. Another thing I gained was a little weight... but it is only two pounds, and I was expecting to gain more after the cleanse, so I am actually pleasantly surprised. I'm still down six-and-a-half... now for the South Beach diet and a gym membership.


T-Ray said...

It was really good to see you guys. Thanks for coming to visit me... it was a good day for it. Glad you guys had a good time while you were here.

Cheryl said...

Jeff came over Sunday for the super bowl and talked about you being here. Sad you missed so much, but glad you were able to do so much. Maybe we'll catch you next time!

Amy Foote said...

post a pic of your cut and colored hair