Monday, February 9, 2009

bad=good good=bad

On Sunday after church Asher was so tired that he fell asleep in the car... nothing new there. However, when we arrived home I noticed that he had a messy diaper. That made five in 12 hours. Whatever. I had Dan set him down on the changing table and proceeded to do my job. He never moved a muscle. He was out COLD. I kept expecting him to wake up at certain times (when I took his diaper off, when I used a cold wipe, when I put his pants back on...) but he never did. He just lay there with a little smile on his peaceful face. That is the most enjoyable diaper changing experience I have ever had. By far.

Today I worked with a bunch of kids on Pirates. I love directing. I love funny musicals. I love kids. Today I forgot that I loved all those things and I almost walked out of the theater, never to darken the doorstep again. Some of the kids were nice and attentive when I was trying to talk, but most of them were disrespectful jokers with ADD. Why did I ever say I would direct a Junior High musical? I must have taken naive pills that morning.

The sad thing is that Asher will never be that good during changing time ever again, and I have to go back to the Junior High tomorrow.


T-Ray said...

You never know... Asher could do that again... I know that it is not likely, but you can hope. And sorry the Jr. High kids were bad... but you are lucky when Jr. High kids are actually good. Good luck with that, I am sure the play will turn out great in the end and that you will be glad that you did it.

Rachel said...

this is hannah-
i think that if i were to place myself, i would put myself in the "nice and attentive" group. haha. i know what u r going through. i go through it EVERY day! :)

jamie hixon said...

Hannah, I would love to direct you in a play! I know you would be awesome.
PS The kids are much better behaved when I bribe them with brownies.