Friday, October 7, 2011


I have no pictures of the amazing weather yesterday. Nor do I have any visual proof of our trip to the park, but it happened, and I was practically weeping with joy inside to be able to load the kids into the stroller and take them outside to play. Just to sit and talk with my friend Nancy while our children ran and jumped and played in the sand was exquisite. We didn't have to worry about our kids dehydrating or getting burned by the playground equipment. And they were so happy.

I hear that temperatures are going back up next week. Well, to use a Shakespearean term, I bite my thumb at that, Sir. But I know that the intense summer heat of the desert is finally starting to retreat.



T-Ray said...

I heart fall. The colors here are beautiful... glad your temperatures are finally going down.

Jenn Kirk said...

Fall feels SO good! It's been getting hotter again here, too. What's up with that? But hooray for playing outside!

Lori said...

Arizona people are supposed to love the heat Jamie :) Glad you got to play outside.

Kristy said...

Me thinks you should move to Utah. :)