Thursday, September 22, 2011


I started this painting YEARS ago. It was my first attempt at oil painting, and it was a gift to Dan for Christmas/our anniversary/Valentine's Day... you get the picture. For the last two years I have just considered it done, although I had never signed it.
Then I was asked to put it on display for a church "talent show" night (tomorrow). Not a huge deal, but I still wanted it to be "finished."
I worked on it a bit two nights ago, and I finally felt ok about signing it. There, done.

I should note that this picture of the painting makes it look more washed out and flat than it really is. Plus in real life it is HUGE.
Here are two little close up shots of the detail.
I love impressionism.


Lynette Mills said...

I thought it looked great before... Now it is perfect! Congratulations on completion!!

T-Ray said...

It is SO great. You are so talented. It makes me sick sometimes. :)

Rachel said...

I think it's awesome!!

btw are you available this weekend to give a little sewing advice.

Lori said...

Nice work Jamie. You got some talent with the paint brush!! I love how it looks "finished".

Jenn Kirk said...

Jamie, it's so beautiful. I never knew you were a painter.