Thursday, October 20, 2011

Farm Field Trip

Today Gwen and I joined Asher's pre-school group on a field trip to Vertuccio Farms. My boy wanted to be pushed in the stroller from our car to the entrance, and then he demanded to be held as soon as he saw a bee... just a little sign of things to come. He also flipped out (and I mean on the point of tears) every time he saw a fuzzy caterpillar. I picked one up in the effort to show him that they were awesome. Asher remained hysterical and unconvinced.
This photo basically sums up the attitudes of my two children while we were there.
Gwen was so incredibly happy, I thought she might burst. Asher was probably wondering why I was torturing him. At first he thought the train ride might be fun, but then he tried to jump out just before it departed. I somehow made him accompany his sister, and he ended up liking it once it got going. He also liked the bouncy house for a few minutes, and he liked the idea of the bouncy horses. (You can almost make them out in the back of the first picture.) We tried them for a few minutes, but the kids found it hard to balance. So I ended up hanging out on the "horses" and bouncing with both kids. I'm sure I looked super cool.

The farm also had this huge thing that was a cross between a giant trampoline and a humungous jello mold. Asher liked that too. And he didn't mind the animals in cages. And he liked the "knock-a-crow-over-with-bean-bags" game because he could stand about two inches away from the crows and sometimes knock them down. We need to work on some of his athletic skills.

There was a "high striker" (you know, the thing you hit with a mallet that makes a bell ring at the top?) for kids, and one for adults. Asher had me demonstrate the little one for him, and he tried but did not do well. He lost the desire to play almost instantly, but cheered on a few other kids. I don't think he likes hitting games. He was terrible with a piƱata at Sofia's birthday party as well.

The kids started looking hot and tired after a few hours. Asher asked to go home quite a few times. We didn't even go near the corn maze. But the last thing they tried before we bought two little pumpkins and took off was milking a cow. Not a real one. A pretend one.
The kids really thought this was interesting.
It is a good thing we don't live on a farm.


T-Ray said...

Jamie, you are so funny. I love the way you describe the event. Your kids are so funny how they react to things. Looks like a fun time and I can't believe how big Gwen is getting. I need to see her! Good to talk to you today!

Kristy said...

Wow! Your farm has even more stuff than our pumpkin patch. I'm not surprised that they wanted to milk the cow. I think that one must be in the genes. Remember when that was on my top 5 list of things to do? I guess my list wasn't as exciting as Tracy's. :)

Lori said...

Looks like a good time with lots of options for activities! Oh Asher.. what a guy, and Gwen what a happy girl! I still need to get to the lane farms pumpkin patch. We will do it soon!

Lynette Mills said...

that look on Ashers face reminds me a little of a Disneyland expression. Gwen is adorable