Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Maybe it's stupid

I have been powering through the old TV series Roswell. I decided to watch it when I was sewing all those dresses. I needed something to help me stay awake. I'm almost done with the third and final season. Some of this show is totally weird, and some of it is cheesy, and the plot is riddled with holes... but I have still enjoyed it for the most part. And the first season had a ridiculous amount of similarities to Twilight. And Roswell came first.

I think the best thing to come out of my hours of watching this show though, is the discovery of this song. One of the characters was supposed to have written it. It is really soulful and has a pretty melody. Here are the lyrics, I want to find a recording of it.


I wish I could read your mind
Words don't mean a thing
I've given you all my time
All you do is leave
And if you were standing here in front of me
I know you would say
There's nothing oh so precious
As something that's gone away
And if there is a reason
I just don't want to know
Why you feel the need to love me so

...only when you go.

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T-Ray said...

I want to hear it!