Friday, November 19, 2010


Today my sweet Gwendolyn Monet turned one year old.

We celebrated with a few gifts. We wrapped up two things that she already had hanging in her closet and a set of cheap fabric blocks from Ikea. The presents were mostly for show... and for Asher. It isn't a real party without a box or two to open. While I was gone (rehearsing kids for our primary program) Dan made a delicious devil's food cake. Gwen liked it, but she is always willing to share.
I am so lucky to be this girl's Mom. She is almost always happy and smiling. She is learning so fast! She says "Uh oh" at appropriate times. She dances whenever she hears music. She loves her family. She is crawling really well now. Someday she will get teeth and more hair and she will start walking. Every child goes at their own pace.
I am loving every step of the way.


T-Ray said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Gweners! I LOVE the pics of her with the pearls! What a cute idea. I love her to pieces and can't wait to see her again. Thanks for having such a wonderful baby.

Lynette Mills said...

You look like Kristy in this photo Jamie. Both of you are beautiful!

rachel v. said...

she is so precious. Happy birthday to Gwen! (I love that name). And I love that picture of you two- timeless.