Monday, September 27, 2010

Unillustrated Happenings

On Friday we threw a little dinner party for the adult Arizonan members of our family. We have been trying to make this a monthly tradition, and thus far we have been serving up tacos. We took to calling our evenings together "talk 'n tacos" so I was a little nervous to change the rules. But I did it anyway. I made etouffee, rice, jalapeno cornbread muffins, and chocolate souffle with toffee sauce. (There are a lof of double fs in that food! Which is why it could make you ffat.) It was all SOOO good. Sara and Brian brought red berries and fruit dip that was also very delicious and Stephen and Rachel took care of the beverages with soda and Shirley Temples. It was like eating at a really good Cajun restaurant. I'm bragging, I realize, but I'm not kidding when I say- to coin a phrase from my sister Tracy circa 1998 or so- I wanted to go back in time and eat it again.

I always like it when food turns out well for company.

On Saturday Dan was gone all day at SunnyConf, which is a really cool conference for nerds. I think this was the first or second year they have held a rails (that is a computer language for those of you who don't speak geek) conference here in Phoenix, but Dan said they had some programming celebs there, and he met some cool people. He also signed himself up to do a lightning talk, which is where you talk about anything you want for exactly five minutes. He had no idea what he wanted to talk about when he put his name on the list, but he did it anyway. While he was waiting he fixed on a topic and put together some slides to go along with it. He gave the talk to me, and I thought it was pretty funny. I'm really proud of him. I mean, if our positions were reversed I would feel intimidated and freaked out to go out of my comfort zone like that.

I am married to a cool guy.

While he was gone I had 16 cast members from The Sound of Music rehearse at my house. It was super fun. I guess they couldn't get in the theater on Saturday and I told them I had an open area in my front rooms and a grand piano. It worked out perfectly, and I loved watching my kids watching other kids sing and dance to Do Re Mi.

By the way, I'm in the cast of The Sound of Music. I was cast as Elsa, the rich fiancee baroness.

Sorry about the lack of photography.


Lynette Mills said...

Thanks for posting about your fun life Jamie. People here still ask me how you are doing... it's good to have some info to report. Someday I would love to try one of those dishes. I love new and wonderful food.

Sara said...

that was good food and good company. thanks again.

Rachel said...

amen to Sar. btw I talked to Katelin who said she was at your house. I had no idea. I now know three people in the show. yippee.

Lori said...

Awesome Jamie! I'm glad that you get to hang out with the Arizona family clan over there :)Sounds great... and go Dan!

T-Ray said...

ha ha ha... I love that you said "Its a cool conference for nerds". I don't speak geek... so I needed the cleared up. I miss you and your humor.