Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That's Life

I never wanted to be in a sorority. It never appealed to me on any level. However, I am a little bit addicted to a facebook game called Sorority Life. I don't care about the part of the game where you fight other girls from rival sororities or the part where you plan events. To me, it is all about collecting outfits and accessories. It is like a game of paper dolls for grown ups. I suppose it appeals to the little girl in me AND the designer in me. I feel like such a shmuck admitting to the fact that I play this game, but hey... we all have our oddities, right?

I know, I'm pathetic.


Sara said...

love the asian inspired one and the last one. you are cute!

T-Ray said...

I have never gotten into any facebook games... so I didn't know about this one, and I kind of wish you didn't tell me about it because I feel like this is something I could get into.