Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Visit

Last weekend I had some family members in town again. How lucky am I that I keep getting visited? Kristy and her three kids came as well as Lori and her two boys and my mom and dad. We were all comfy in this house, but I really need to think about getting a queen sized bed set up in a guest room. We have so many visitors and only one extra twin bed.

Anyway, I keep not blogging about it because I don't really have any pictures. I took a few, but my camera battery ran out and I can't find my charger. So here it is... my very late blog with no pictures. Here are some of our highlights:

- Kristy's and my kids playing outside at the mall play area in the heat. That took the energy right out of them, and quick! They play really well together and it was fun to watch.
- Reanne and Sierra conspiring to give me and Asher gifts because it is our birth month. They got Asher a frog that terrifies him (you can never tell what is going to put him over the edge), and me two pots of pretty flowers that I can't seem to keep alive. Thanks girls for being thoughtful, and thanks Kristy for paying for those treats!
- We went to my Grandma's 79th birthday! It was special to be there with so many relatives even though my grandma actually hates to be fussed over and doesn't like crowds much. She loves her family, so she put a brave face on. I love my Grandma.
- I loved just sitting and talking with my family. I miss that.
- We watched some old embarrassing family videos. So funny.
- We went to Cornish Pastys again! LOVE that food. (It is especially good when just coming off of a diet.)
- We discovered on the last day of our trip that Gwen and Zach's feet are the same size. Exactly. Zach is EIGHT WEEKS OLD. Gwen is almost eight MONTHS old. We knew she had tiny feet, but this is ridiculous. If they had a chart for feet size she probably wouldn't register.


T-Ray said...

SO wish I was there too. :o( I love hanging out with the family. I know Reanne and Sierra had a blast because they told me all about it today. Hopefully we can all get together soon and I can be there next time.

Lynette Mills said...

It was definitely a great time hanging out at your house with everyone. Loved having all the grandchildren together too. It was grandma heaven.

Kristy said...

It was so fun. Glad I came.