Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fortune Hunting

Yesterday Dan and I went to visit our friend Anupama and her family. We had never been to Anu's house before, so we got a little confused in her neighborhood. While driving in circles, we passed a table of young ladies on the side of the road. At first I thought they were manning a lemonade stand, but on our second pass I looked a little closer at their sign. They were peddling their fortune telling skills. I couldn't help thinking what a funny thing this was to do in the middle of a lazy neighborhood so far away from streets with any real traffic. The girls seemed pretty serious about this. One of them tried chasing down our car. I wonder how much they were charging. I wonder why they were spending their time in this way.

I wonder if they knew we would not stop to receive our fortunes?


T-Ray said...

I wouldn't have stopped... but I have always wondered what someone like that would say to me.

David said...