Monday, March 23, 2009

Cancelled Church

Yesterday after the first hour of church a member of our bishopric called 911 due a funky smell permeating the left side of the building. He wanted someone to come check for a gas leak. He didn't want a big to-do, he just wanted one or two people to come check it out. Well, that is not the way 911 rolls. Four screaming fire trucks later, we were all evacuated from church and told that church was cancelled for the rest of the day. Asher loved seeing the trucks, but I was a little upset. I had prepared for our Visiting Teaching conference, and I had fliers to hand out for Enrichment on Tuesday. I also had a bag of things to give our humanitarian specialist. Dang.

The funny thing is I spoke with my mom about it and she said she has been smelling that gas every day all week in her seminary classroom. They reported it and reported it day after day, but nobody did anything about it. I'm sure there are 50 scriptures that would fit here... something about idle hands or procrastinating the day... I'll refrain.


Rachel said...

so did they find a leak?

T-Ray said...

Did the church burn down? Just kidding. For many people, church getting canceled would be a dream come true.

jamie hixon said...

I don't know, but my mom's ward met at 1:00 no problem.
The church building is fine.

Cheryl said...

but the singles ward probably missed out for the day huh? I'm sure there were many many sad singles. THey probably slept their sorrows away. Glad everything turned out okay