Saturday, December 20, 2008


Last night I made dinner, fed and bathed my child, got him ready for bed, and did the dishes while Dan put our boy down. After Asher was asleep I started getting myself ready for my Christmas caroling job.

Once I was all makeupful and festive-looking, I hopped in my car and headed to a street by In-n-Out where I met a gaggle of girls dressed in hoop skirts and velvet capes. It took me approximately one and a half minutes to get my outfit out of the back of my car and "don my gay apparel" over my white shirt and black pants. I was then informed by the singer in charge that I would be singing soprano instead of my usual second. Hmmm... I thought as we walked into the house, I probably should have warmed up higher on the way here...

This December I am singing with the Nightingales, a group that started me caroling when I was 19 years old. I was the oldest in the group then, and that fact hasn't changed. (Last night I sang with former students of mine that are still in high school.) I usually sing with my own Christmas Caroling trio, or at least I have for the past five years, but this year I didn't have the drive to make it happen and my usual singers have moved out of the city. When the Nightingale's director asked for my help I thought, Sure. I already know all the arrangements and I don't have to do anything but show up. No managing, just a little extra cash. I have only contracted to do 5 gigs and last night was my second.

We weren't as good as my Sugar Plums trio, but it was fun. The fact is I would rather be caroling with the Nightingales than not caroling at all. Every year I am just struck with the miracle of it all; in December people pay me to sing about Jesus. I mean, any other month of the year it simply would not fly. I would receive scowls instead of smiles, threats instead of money. I wonder when people will start protesting songs like "What Child is This?" I mean, I've already sung at parties where we were under strict orders not to sing any "Jesus songs" and focus on songs like Winter Wonderland and Santa Clause is Coming to Town.

I busted my voice last night. I really should have warmed up better before I sang, but if I am going to lose my voice singing anything, I don't mind going out on Silent Night.


T-Ray said...

That is so fun that you still do that. I wish I were in a fun singing group. One day we should record an album and become famous. The sisters that sing and tap dance together. What a duo we would be. ;o)

Sara said...

wish you could carol at my door!