Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As part of my typical Tuesday/Thursday routine I went jogging this morning. It has been four days since my last little outdoor exercise experience, and what a difference four days make! I'm not talking about my body's usual Tuesday protest against running, I'm talking about the weather. All of a sudden I feel like I live in Utah. It would not have surprised me to see snow falling from the sky while I ran, it was that cold.

I'm a wimpy jogger. I can only run about two miles and I'm done. But I really have come a long way in the ten months or so that I have been exercising again: I don't spend my time wishing to die when I run, I get through a whole session of Tae Bo without cussing out Billy Banks and quitting, and my body feels better in general. But I still have a hard time deciding to exercise.

I'm not sure if the new frigid temperatures will help or hinder me. On one hand, it is kind of uncomfortable to jog when it is cold. I feel like I'm inhaling millions of particles of ice. Also, when I get home and step into my warm apartment, it is like stepping straight into the fiery pits of Hades. It is stuffy and hot and I can't breathe... but I don't want to open a window and freeze my child. On the other hand, while I am actually in the groove of running cold weather is nice because I don't feel as tired somehow. I feel like I could run forever, or at least for three miles instead of two.

At least the wind, rain and cold has made exercising a little bit different. It is nice to be thrown a curve ball every once in a while, because in case you haven't caught what my attitude is about exercise, it is not my favorite pastime.


Lynette Mills said...

ha ha....I guess I feel the same way you do about exercise Jamie. I have always dreaded it when I think about doing it, but somehow it turns into something more wonderful when you are done. But being done never translates into wanting to do it again...where are Lori's genes when you need them?

Cheryl said...

hehe, I guess I understand the cold and jogging. Well, maybe I don't really understand it, but I've worked around it with videos and a stationary bike. Good luck and don't let Mr. Winter (you know you really don't live anywhere near Utah) :) get your routine down!

T-Ray said...

I agree with you %100!!! I don't enjoy exercising and I don't like running in the cold. And I don't... which is bad. So I am bringing my exercise clothes home with me and maybe you can get my to exercise with you. Anyway... I refuse to job in the snow and I think people are crazy for doing it.