Friday, December 12, 2008


Today I purchased a "5 Senses toothpaste kit" made by Go Smile. My opinion is that the "5 Senses" name makes 5 minus 5 sense(s) because it only affects one or two of a person's actual senses. (Speaking of sense, how'd you like that sentence?)

The kit conatains 5 differently flavored toothpaste tubes and a travel toothbrush. Years ago Dan and I discussed the possibility of any toothpaste flavor other than mint being accepted by the general public. There is something about mint that just makes your mouth feel clean, and because of this strange psycological phenomenon we wondered if flavors like lemon or lavender would ever get off the supermarket shelves, if they were ever conceived and ushered into the world. (Lavender is an herb too, right?)

Well we don't have to wonder anymore. Right in front of me I have five exotic flavor choices: Mango Paradise Smile, Ginger Cookie smile, Lemonade Smile (our idea first), Peppermint Candy Smile (Ok, this one is not so exotic), and Aloha Tropical Smile. These are being marketed at Sephora, so you can bet your Juicy Couture jumpsuit they are flying off the shelves right along with invisible hair ties and humungous false eyelashes made from peacock feathers.

Oh, and just so you know I've tried Aloha and Lemonade. They are quite tangy... it sorta tastes like you just spit out a stick of flavored gum. The lemon flavor is a bit weak, but heck, this stuff made me brush my teeth twice in one night, so I have no quarrel with Go Smile.


Sara said...

i think it is cool that you and danny talk about non-mint toothpaste marketability.

T-Ray said...

How interesting. I had no idea that Sephora made toothpaste, let a lone AWESOME toothpaste. That is pretty sweet. Why wouldn't they though. Funny that you found it after you and Dan had a conversation about it.

jamie hixon said...

Sephora doesn't make it, they just sell it. And yeah, ideas tend to work like that. If you get a great idea for something you gotta move fast because somebody else is bound to think of the same thing.