Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pleasant surprise

Dan and I saw Get Smart last night. I was expecting it to be very slap-sticky, and I suppose it was at times, but it was also quite entertaining and fun to watch. Anne Hathaway, who usually bugs the heck out of me, was just fine as 99. Steve Carrell has excellent comedic timing and a lot of heart, so he is usually pretty fun to watch and he did not disappoint. It was kinda weird to see them as a couple though.

Anyway, to my point. About half way through the movie the villian uttered what is now one of my favorite movie lines of all time... or at least of the last few years. He was discussing blowing up Los Angeles with one of his fellow bad men, when his fellow said something like "It is a shame to think of all the dead movie stars though, huh?" The villian gives the man a dead pan look and very dryly says "Yes. What will we do without their razor-sharp political advice?"

Ha! Bravo Hollywood for having enough intelligence to make fun of yourself for being politically absurd.


David said...

Iliked that like too. But it still doesn't top my favorite two. Both wre shorties.

1. Pup n' Taco
2. Steubenville?

Kristy said...

Maybe I'll see it. I was also doubting the quality of this one but if you say it's good that's good enough for me.

T-Ray said...

Ya... I wasn't excited for this movie. Now maybe I will watch it since reading your blog. :o)