Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter, etc.

Gwen and Asher became violently ill the day before Easter. We are normally a pretty healthy family, so this was a surprise. I was semi-prepared for the big day. I was hoping to dye eggs on Saturday night. Instead the kids were still sick and I was feeling gross. I'd been cleaning bathrooms and buckets and spots out of the carpet. I was not in the mood to fully prepare, nor did I think that Easter candy was a good idea. I told the kids that the Easter Bunny doesn't visit sick houses until they are better. Asher was sad, but he kept himself from crying. 

So Dan went to church Easter Sunday by himself. After church, two of my book club friends independently stopped by and dropped off some Easter treats for us... it was so thoughtful! Elaine brought some flowers for me (and some secret peeps for the kids). Meghan brought little Easter buckets with toys and treats for each child. What sweet friends I have.

We were all feeling a bit better by the end of the day, so we planned to go to the temple. First Gwen and Asher water colored two hard boiled eggs each- fast and easy. Then we went and read the story of Easter right in the shadow of the Gilbert temple. It felt good.
Ezra by the temple gates. 
When we returned home, the Easter Bunny had come after all! The kids found eggs that had puzzle pieces inside. They put the puzzle pieces together and followed the clue to the pantry where they found their easter baskets. It was belated, but fun. 

Last Friday our church had a Daddy-daughter dance for girls 3-11. It is such a cute thing to do, and Gwen loved it. She of course picked out her own outfit and hairstyle. She has a very strong opinion, but is usually also very sweet. We just love her.  

I spy a matching pink tie. :)
We also had S&R Hixon, the Stecks, and Amy over for dinner on Saturday for "talk and tacos." That is always fun. 

Tuesday night we had Hannah and her fiancĂ© Arthur over for dinner. Dan will be taking their wedding photos soon, and Gwen is their flower girl. I think that is a pretty awesome circle of life, since Hannah was one of our flower girls. 

Asher and I left before dinner was over... he had 1st grade music night at his school. We sat through an interactive presentation where we heard what they were learning. At the end, we all split into groups and performed a simple song together. Asher and I got drums (yay!) but our only job was to beat once every four beats. It was still fun. Asher was so excited the whole time.

P.S. I'm eating paleo style now, which means no refined carbs, sugars, or dairy. It isn't so bad, and I hope I lose weight and eventually get some more energy. This blog makes it seem like we are kinda busy, but we are not. These are literally the only things we are doing.

P.P.S. I finished sewing a baptism dress for Gwen's preschool teacher's daughter. I made it out of Miss Kerri's wedding dress, and it turned out well. I wish I had a picture, but I don't. Maybe if she posts one to Facebook I'll steal it and put it up here. :)  


Lori said...

So sorry that you had a sick house for Easter :( but glad everyone seemed to get over it quickly. Peggy Hodson asked how you were doing when we went over there to swim on Monday. :)
How neat to make a baptism dress out of a wedding dress... you are SO FREAKING TALENTED!!!! :) Love you.

Kristy said...

I am excited to hear you will be visiting during the summer! That will be fun to see you, Dan, and all of your kids again.

Tracy said...

Sounds like your Easter ended positive even though it started out crappy. Sorry you guys were sick. Yuck. I love the Easter puzzle though. Cleaver. And I'm with Lori, you are so talented!!!

Lynette Mills said...

That picture of dan and Gwen is so cute!

Brian and Monica Mortensen said...

Cute kids!! I want to try Paleo too! You should post about your progress :)