Friday, January 3, 2014

PS We had Christmas

 Basically my mom decorated my house for Christmas while I was pregnant. I was more than happy to let her do it, because it is something at which she excels, and I was just not in the mood. Plus, it hurt to move. I know I've mentioned that several times before. And my house never looked prettier!

Asher and Gwen before church... before Ezra was on the scene.
Doesn't Asher look like he could host a late night show?

My Grandma gave me this little ceramic Christmas village. So cute! 
 We didn't do many activities this December, because I had that baby and all. But we did have Christmas! Christmas Eve was probably my most sleep-deprived night so far. And I thought I was so prepared. We ended up going to bed at 2:00, and then of course I had a newborn to feed... so we felt the need to put up a sign. I would have slept through Christmas morning without it.

The kids had a wonderful Christmas. I am sooooo not looking forward to school starting again. 

In other news, it is Dan's and my anniversary today. Twelve years just doesn't seem possible... that's a lot of years! We didn't do anything today, but we did go out to dinner and a movie last night. Saving Mr. Banks was fantastic, we both agreed. And Chipotle is always good. The best thing though is just to be married to him, I am such a lucky girl. I really have the best best friend in the whole world.


Lynette Mills said...

Thanks Jamie for the compliment ... And Asher reminds me of Conan O'Brien in that shot. Also, I love the sign and the looks on the kids faces. Priceless!

Kristy said...

Very pretty. I'm glad you had a good Christmas.

Tracy Mills said...

Happy Anniversary! Mom did do a good job decorating. Looks so pretty! The sign and the kids faces are hilarious. Ha! I'm excited to see you in a few weeks!

William said...

Glad you didn't sleep through Christmas morning :)
Happy Anniversary! 12 years has flown by.... wow. Can't wait to see you and meet little E.
Love you