Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ezra, etc.

I never really did the whole birth announcement thing... so here it is. 
This is my boy, and here are his stats: 

It is amazing that he was so overdue and he only weighed one more ounce than Asher did at birth. And it is amazing how different Ezra can look from one picture to the next. But he looks like all of them. Babies are such little chameleons- bundles of possibility. 

Ezra is very sleepy, and he is sweet. He eats well and he has never spit up... but he has projectile pooped on me several times. I try to change his diaper as quick as humanly possible, but it still happens. He also pees as soon as you take his diaper off. 

We went to his one month check yesterday to get shots and check his progress. Ezra is now 11 pounds 7 ounces and 22.5 inches! However his head didn't grow much, and the doctor couldn't feel the soft spot on the top of his head. One of the sutures of his skull might be fused, which would require surgery. We had his head x-rayed yesterday, which was sad, but that is nothing compared to the prospect of skull surgery. I was very anxious and stressed out yesterday, but I got a full 5 hours of sleep last night, so I'm doing much better today. (Only parents of newborns can say that and not sound sarcastic.) I'm also hoping that if the bones are fused it isn't indicative of some scary syndrome. The doctor was worried that might be the case since Ezra also has a high palate and a crooked cry. I think his crooked cry is adorable no matter what.   

We have all been doing well. My aches and pains are going away and I feel ok about the rhythm of life. My goals right now are to feed and tend to Ezra, to make Asher and Gwen feel happy and loved, to feed everyone most of the time, and to try to keep up on laundry. That is it. I don't care that my house is a mess, I don't need to work on any projects or anything. I did take a few students back this month, but one of them is trading me massages, so I feel ok about that. I'm just keeping things as simple as possible and it is working for me. I'll get more ambitious later.

We have been playing a lot of Uno and a cute card game called Wig Out. Asher and Gwen love it, and it's nice because it is something we can do with a minimum amount of energy. When they want to go crazy they either run around the house and play pretend (mostly Asher fighting invisible foes) or they can play soccer outside with some goals that Dan made, or jump on the trampoline that Dan just re-vamped. It was falling apart, so he had to order new stuff and put it back together. Just in time for all the cousins to come and stay with us! My parents and ALL of my siblings and their families are coming to our home in about a week. They will be at Ezra's blessing, and they are going to walk through the completed Gilbert temple before it is dedicated. I'm so excited!

We are putting Ezra in Gwen's old room. All her clothes are still in there, but she sleeps in Asher's room. That has been the case for a while. I think it is super weird that I never painted or really decorated her room while she was in it, but we are doing better for Ezra. My WONDERFUL sisters-in-law Rachel and Sara came over one day and helped finish painting the walls. Below is a little sneak peek. They were amazing and fast. I couldn't be happier with the results! Now I just have to get the rest of the room together. I'm excited. 


Tracy Mills said...

I just CAN'T WAIT to come and meet him and hold him and kiss him and see you and the changes in the house and so on and so forth. See you in 5 days! :)

William said...

We are excited to come and play :) I am liking the sneek preview of Ezra's room... I have something to add to it that I hope will fit in and look good too;) Love you sis.
When are they supposed to get back to you with the results of the x ray on your little x man?!?