Thursday, November 3, 2011

This was Halloween

It was an enjoyable Halloween for all.
I enjoyed staying home to hand out candy while Dan enjoyed escorting our children up and down neighboring streets.
The kids enjoyed walking around in their costumes and getting free candy.

I am told that Gwen walked the entire time by herself, and she had a smile on her face although nobody knew who she was supposed to be. Maybe the pigtales threw them off. But believe me, if we would have taken them out at that point, her hair would have been crazy.
And Alice does not have crazy hair.
Anyway, Dan said that people knew that she was cute, and that is enough.
On the other hand, everyone knew who Asher was. Captain Jack Sparrow is notorious. When Asher settled on this costume, it was my dream come true.
Look at him getting into it.

All I made for his costume was his wig. I crocheted different kinds of black yarn that I had stashed in my craft closet, added a few beads, and then sewed them to the top of some pantyhose. Voila. Jack's hair.

And I finally did "finish" Averey's costume. If I wanted to invest any more time in it, it could have looked better, but honestly I was dying on this one. It was so detailed, and things kept going wrong. The fabric was too stretchy and kept getting all out of whack, the model magic dried funky and cracked, and then the resin wouldn't dry... nightmare. Anyway, this is how it turned out. If I ever make another costume like this, I now know how I will go about it.

Oh, and she was wearing my humongous petticoat just for the picture. But honestly it might look better without it.

Just FYI.


Lynette Mills said...

I saw Avery's costume on facebook and I was very impressed. Honetsly Jamie, it is awesome. Asher looks pretty sweet too. But... Gwen is adorable, even if no one knew who she was. you are so charitable with your costume time. Very nice!

T-Ray said...

Wow Jamie... wow. That is all I have to say. You are so amazing. I wish I could sew like you.

Kristy said...

Awesome job Jamie. They all turned out great. I love that Asher wanted to be Jack Sparrow. :)