Thursday, November 10, 2011

The luckiest girl

Yesterday was Dan's birthday.

First of all, I would like to ask... How lucky am I??

Look at how handsome Dan is. This picture was taken probably a year after we got married, and he still looks exactly like this. No wrinkles, no weight gain, no hair loss. He has some grays, but I think they are cute. You really only notice them when you are cutting his hair anyway. And not many people other than me and his mother have had that privilege.

Not only is Dan handsome, he is smart, funny, spiritual, a great dad, a fantastic photographer, and as I sit here and type about how great he is... he is doing the dishes.

We went out to Oreganos last night while Dan's sister Amy watched our kids. The food was exquisite. And we got dessert because their pazookies are the best dessert I have ever had from any restaurant ever. It was so fun to just sit and converse with him, even if the heat lamps were broken and it was super cold outside.

Dan usually makes my birthdays special. I try to reciprocate in my own way, but it is kind of hard because a) he doesn't like people to have to fuss over him and b) anything that would make him really happy would require a financial meeting between he and I, therefore eliminating the element of surprise. I had the kids make him cards, and I got him the Steve Jobs book. I got him a few articles of clothing and an itunes gift card.
And I made him this shirt.

It is kind of like Asher's shirt, but more apocalyptic and Flight of the Conchords-y. I think he liked it. I laughed as I made it.

Anyway, I love my husband. I always think about how I don't deserve him. I have definitely changed in the looks department, and I have gotten more crazy with kids. But somehow he still thinks I'm awesome. Thank goodness for love being blind, eh?


Lori said...

You are a lucky girl to have Dan, but you are so beautiful, inside and out and so talented in so many ways. He is so lucky to have you too! You two are a perfect couple :)

Amanda said...

I'm with Lori. You two are a perfectly matched pair!

T-Ray said...

I'm glad you married him because he treats you well, and he is a great brother in law to me AND you guys make beautiful children. :) Happy Birthday to Dan. He is awesome.

Lynette Mills said...

ya... to all that! I'm thinking you guys are both pretty great. Glad Dan is part of our family for sure! He makes the value go way up!

Jenn Kirk said...

It's been a few years since we've seen you guys, but Dan looked just like that even in SB! Hope he has a great birthday. It's always fun trying to figure out the best surprises.