Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Final Chapter!

The Shumways + 2 strokes of luck = seeing the final Harry Potter movie last night at 7:00pm for FREE!

Stephanie and Aaron won some free preview tickets to see this movie a few days before the general public. They had 4 tickets, so they decided to invite us. That was the first stroke of luck.

We had to go "early" to make sure we had seats, since the theater usually over-invites for this type of shindig. We got there an hour before the showing, and we were the LAST 4 people to be let in. We were filling in to seats that were meant for press, so they were the best seats in the house. Woot!

The movie was amazing, and I am a harsh critic of movies. The only part that slightly disappointed was the Snape memories/flashbacks. Mostly because that is my favorite part of the entire series (as far as the books go). I want a t-shirt that says "Team Severus" on it. I love him. Anyhoo, the end made me snicker a little bit too, and you will know why when you see it.

Last but not least, here is a picture of the four of us in our 3D glasses. I know we look like the 4 blind mice, but they look less dark and more Harry Potter-ish in person. And if you look at yourself in a mirror when you are wearing said glasses, you look like Professor Trelawny.

PS We saw people dressed up as Death Eaters (with the masks and everything... they didn't speak even when ordering food), Hogwarts students with wands, and I saw one guy that looked like he should be at Magic Mountain. His arms and shoulders were completely covered with tattoos and hair. I think if we were playing, I would have gotten a "Premiere Bingo" for sure.


T-Ray said...

LUCKY!!! How fun that you got to see it early and for free. I am totally jealous. I can't wait to see it Friday night!

Kristy said...

Awesome! I still haven't seen the first half. Maybe I'll do a marathon with both at the same time.

Lynette Mills said...

I've been watching all the movies again before I go. I'm on The Prisnor of Azkaban. I'm so excited to see the last installment! Did you cry?

Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

AAAAAAAAAAAACK! I mean.... who is your ugly friend? LOL. we had fun though, and that's what matters, right? right.