Thursday, July 14, 2011

After the cleanse

I just finished a 7 day detox from the GOOP website. (If you want the details follow this link.) Well, actually I did the eating program for 3 days, went on vacation and completely anti-cleansed, and then went back on it for 7 days. The total loss from all of that was about 7 pounds, but if you are just counting the 7 consecutive days, it was 5 pounds.

My review:
This was the easiest diet/cleanse I have ever done. Much easier than the Master Cleanse, but that probably goes without saying. I was rarely hungry, and most of the food was good. I LOVED the whey protein and fruit shakes I got to drink every day, and those filled me up for a long time. I also loved the carrot-ginger dressing and the teriyaki chicken. HOWEVER I did not like the beet/carrot/apple/ginger juice or the cucumber/basil/lime juice. I had to choke that stuff down. I thought I was going to hate the super greens juice, but that ended up being my favorite of the juices, although I wouldn't make it for fun. Also, I had to flavor my brown rice and my quinoa with a little bit of almond oil and balsamic vinegar. I put my quinoa in an arugula salad, actually. And I never made the salmon, because I don't like fish. I didn't make the cucumber avocado soup because I didn't have an avocado at the time.

I exercised more than half of the days, burning at least 300 calories each session. It was easy to have the energy for exercising since I was getting a lot of protein each day.

I would totally do this again. And I would recommend it to anyone who wants glowing skin and a smaller waistline in 7 days.

One last word about the miso soup. You will probably have to go to an Asian market to get the ingredients, but it is worth it. You HAVE to get miso paste for this diet. I got two types, a white paste and a darker grains-based paste. I liked the darker one in the soup for sure.
Oh, and it tasted JUST FINE without the fish flakes.


Kristy said...

Maybe I'll have to try this when I'm done training for running. I have bulked up quite a lot from it.

Tracy said...

mmm... maybe I will have to try this too..

Lori said...

Doesn't sound like a diet to me... you could eat like that all the time :)
Oh- William collected money from birthday cards, finding it around the house, cars and couches at Billys work. A lot of it came from Grandpa's pocket after a day of work. He came home and gave William the change in his pocket. It was an evening ritual when he was here visiting on business :)

jamie hixon said...

...except that most of the time I was operating at a 2,000 calorie deficit! I most certainly couldn't do that all the time.

Heather said...

Ohhhh so slad I just popped on and saw this. Been wanting to try a cleanse. Thx