Thursday, February 17, 2011

La Jour de L'amour

Ok, so we celebrated the holiday over a few days, but still, this is my Valentine's Day post.
Somehow I had a very Twilight Valentines Day. It was so funny. I'm not exactly a Twi-hard, especially with the movies, but my husband gave me these in the morning...
...which cracked me up.
It was nice to discover that the Sweethearts company hasn't bumped up the quality of their product since I was twelve. In fact, most of the Jacob flavored candies are blank or barely printed. The Edward ones are sparkly, but kind of gross.
And then my friend Erin came by and gave me this:

I still don't really know what a "sky bar" is since Asher ate it. Well, I had a nibble. I think there is peanut butter involved.
The funny thing is that she used a Valentine that she found out in the blog world, and that Valentine happened to be created by my friend Jen. Small world.

I gave Dan cupcakes (I unfortunately ate quite a few of them, but I maintained my weight regardless) and yesterday I gave him this present:
On the other side of the card it said "Dan, you make my heart RACE"- so he totally knew what it was before he opened it up. But you probably don't, so I'll tell you. It was the blu-ray edition of Speed Racer. For some reason we both really love this movie.

I'll leave you with a picture of my littlest Valentines playing on my V-day gift from last year, our wonderful piano. I still really love it and use it often. In fact, I just gave a piano lesson on it. Want to know what is happening in this shot? Asher is plunking out notes and singing the Backyardigans theme song at the top of his lungs. Gwen is twisting her tongue and trying to help him out.

Side Note: You know how some cameras frame people's faces while you are taking the picture so that it doesn't get the focus wrong? Well, when I was taking pictures of my Sweethearts candies the camera only recognized Jacob's box had a face on it. ahahhhaha.


Lynette Mills said...

speed racer huh? I'll have to rent it. Miss those grandkids of mine!

T-Ray said...

That is too funny. I didn't get anything that had to do with Twilight for Valentines day and I am in Utah.
I didn't know Asher was into the Backyardagins. I remember when that was all Reanne and Sierra talked about. Now its Rugrats.

Lori said...

how funny that everyone was on the same page with you this valentines day :) love you!

Anonymous said...

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