Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Openin'

The Music Man opened last night at the HCPA.
I am a "teen dancer" in the show. (Ha!)
...Except in the big group numbers when I have a husband and 3 children.
One of my "children" just turned four.
You may want to come just to see her.
She is very cute.
She also threw up all over the dressing room two days ago.
Last night, no less than six cast members got sick during the performance. Thankfully they made it outside before tossing any cookies.
Some of the kids went home in the middle of the show.
Please pray that I don't become ill.
And if you come to the show, don't shake hands with any of the cast members.

One more thing. I have an un-official fan club now. I always have kids (and some adults) around me, watching me draw in my book, reading things I've written, asking me about my life, etc. It is a rotating membership, so it's not always the same people surrounding me, but a few of them have admitted to "blog stalking" me. And some of them might actually be stalking me. But one of the coolest members of the un-official Jamie Hixon fan club wants a shout out. So, without further ado: You are awesome Lindsey Goff! Don't ever change. Well, change your clothes and your underwear and everything but, well, you know what I mean.


Kristy said...

good luck on your play Jamie.

Lynn said...

YOU ARE MY FAVORITE PERSON !! EVER !! :) I love you Jamie !!

-Lindsey Goff(;

T-Ray said...

That stinks that everyone is getting sick! I will pray that you don't get sick. And I love blog stalkers and you.... I don't blame anyone for being in the Jamie Hixon fan club. I am.

Lynette Mills said...

me too.. I want to be a member of your fan club!!!

Daboppa said...

You caught me blog stalking.