Saturday, May 22, 2010


We saw the movie Julie/Julia two days ago. I liked it for a few reasons.
a) Meryl Streep is the best. She IS Julia.
b) Amy Adams looked like a normal person. She wasn't Hollywood skinny and she kind of had an unattractive mullet. Also, her character was married to the character she was living with. Love that.
c) The plot was refreshing and not the average Hollywood formula.
d) The movie was pro-blog.
e) I have a connection or two with Julia Child.

Let me explain that last one. First of all I had some voice students in Santa Barbara who's parents were like BFFs with Julia Child. They were even photographed in Martha Stewart's magazine with her at a dinner party before Julia passed away.
Also, I've met Julia Child. I was acting in a Gilbert and Sullivan show at the Santa Barbara Women's Club and she was in the audience. Afterward, she wanted to meet the cast members. So, I got my picture taken with her. Just me and Julia. I never got a copy of that picture, unfortunately. She met Dan too. We were engaged and I was 20 years old and Julia was a little concerned. She was a sweet lady. She also asked me about my "marks" in school.
One of the reasons I loved this movie is it made me understand her more. I didn't know much about her when I met her. Now I realize maybe the reason she was concerned about my engagement is because she got married for the first time when she was in her late 30s. (But Julia, I'm just as in love with my husband as you were! Eight years and counting.) I wish I could meet her again now. I would have a lot more to say.
I also thought for some reason that it was really cool that I accomplished something, without even trying, that Julie in the movie wanted so badly to do. Somehow it made me feel accomplished. Odd, I know.

The last reason I liked this movie is I think it inspired my husband. He made some delicious tacos for lunch today and we made YUMMY bread this afternoon. I've already had three fat slices.


Dan Hixon said...

What about the spaghetti sauce? :)

T-Ray said...

I love the movie a lot. I'm glad that you did too. I own it. I had no idea that you met Julia. That is very cool. That would make me like the movie better too.
I love that it inspired Dan. It inspired me to cook more too. I miss cooking. When I come visit... lets cook. :o)

rachel v. said...

I also really enjoyed that movie- it makes everyone want to go home and make something delicious! That is so neat that you've met her- what an awesome story you can tell!

Rachel said...

I totally want to see this.