Thursday, October 23, 2008

How are YOU?

I was checking out at the grocery store last night and the older man behind the counter asked me how I was three times, obviously distracted. He was not smiling, so I asked him how he was doing.

The floodgates opened.

I hardly understood half of what he said, but I caught a few phrases: "...if he has a problem...", "I'll take a lie detector test..." , "my lawyer!" I think he was upset at an accusation made by a coworker. I tried to be as positive and understanding as I could as I swiped my card and signed my name, but I think he just needed to let off some steam. Maybe I should have asked him to smile, but he might have turned against me. 

What happened to good old-fashioned customer service? 


T-Ray said...

Good old fashion customer service? It is a rare occasion. But I am always so happy when I get it.

Lynette Mills said...

Were you at Ralphs?

jamie hixon said...

Why yes, I was. It is the only place other than Trader Joes to shop downtown.

Rachel said...

Poor guy. So great of you to tune in and ask him how he was doing. I bet he was so stressed out.