Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ball.... CUPS!

My son recently had his 1st birthday, and he received some stacking cups from his Aunt Shauna. These stacking cups also have the capability to come together and turn into 5 differently sized balls, and Asher has figured out how to turn them from balls into cups (and visa-versa). That is fun, but what is MORE fun to us is that he understands us when we tell him to find his ball and then turn it into cups. He gets a huge kick out of understanding what the heck we are talking about. Other words he most certainly recognizes: Feet, kisses, Asher, Mama, Dada, dance (snaky dance), ceiling fan, Eskimos (as in kisses), piano, kick, and clapping. He warms up to scales with me (Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Haaaaa!) and he loves to see the microwave and hear it beep. He kicks any round object around like a dribbling soccer player. It is crazy how the time is flying and how different he is every day.


Shauna said...

So happy to hear Asher enjoys these!

jamiehixon said...

Again... thank you. I think you have given us every toy that he likes.

Logan said...

I totally thought this post was going to be about protective athletic gear. I was pleasantly surprised.